Last Completed Lesson:

Welcome to Phase Two!

You’ve done so much foundational work – now it’s time to build on that!

In this second phase, we’re going to talk about repurposing much of the content you’re already creating and making the most out of that brand document you’ve created in Phase One.

All that work is going to put to work in this Phase – it’ll have been worth it!

By the end of this phase you will have:

  • your Daily Podcast & Alexa Briefing
  • regular Instagram Stories
  • Your three core opt-ins completed¬†
  • An email nurture sequence designed to make you money in the end (your first official funnel!)
  • A weekly blog post, podcast episode and Facebook Live & YouTube video (yes you can do this all on your own and no you’re not going to burn out)
  • An effective presence on Pinterest, TikTok, SnapChat, Instagram Reels and LinkedIn
  • A simple but effective, social media growth strategy that will only take you 10 minutes a day to complete (weekends off)

As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask them in your Mastermind Group or the Questions forum, or you can also reach out in the next group coaching call and I’ll be happy to help!